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Congressman Tom Suozzi

US Houses of Representatives - New York 3rd District

“I am proud to endorse Dilip Nath for NYC council because he is a smart, dedicated and hard working advocate for Queens. As the founder of the New American Voters Association, Dilip has registered thousands of new voters and helps them get more involved in their communities and neighborhoods. This is the same commitment Dilip will bring to City Hall and help tackle the big problems facing New York City.”

Roxanne Persaud

State Senator- New York 19th District

"I am pleased to endorse Dilip Nath's candidacy to represent the 24th City Council district. Dilip has been a strong advocate for improving the overall quality of life and services offered to the district's residents, including Education, Healthcare, and Transportation systems. I know that Dilip has the qualities of an effective leader and will represent the community well as the next City Council member."

Catherine Nolan 

New York State Assembly- 17th district

"Queens residents need community based representation in the NYC Council.  Our neighborhoods need strong voices to speak up and I believe  community leader Dilip Nan will be that voice for us. His expertise on health care policy will serve us well during the pandemic, his record of activism will make sure families voices are heard and his leadership in starting organizations that assist all residents, including some not always heard is outstanding.  I am thrilled to be part of his campaign"

Elizabeth Crowley

Former New York Council Member - 30th District

“Dilip Nath’s life story is the story of all who trace their roots to places
where our parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents
dreamed of a place named America with hope for a better life. He
worked seven days a week, went to school, earned his G.E.D. then
continued all the way up through a postgraduate degree and attended
Harvard Kennedy School to ear executive leadership education. Dilip
Nath is the American dream, the Queens dream. I know he will take our
values, our concerns, and our voices to the City Council, and that’s why
I’m proud to endorse him”

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