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  • Fully fund our public schools so teachers can have the resources they need

  • Provide the resources needed improve curriculums

  • Support initiatives to build/expand Specialized High School Programs in all 5 Boroughs

  • Develop a budget plan for PPE in classrooms so our children and teachers stay healthy

  • Work on budget inequity in D28 schools so children can get quality education in their local school

  • Fund child care and after school activities so parents can work without worry


• Advocate for police policy to prioritize training in  de-escalation of violence

• Support Community policing to deepen trust with local police departments

• Facilitate dialogue between the Police and the Community

• Reform budget to include funding for mental health response protocols

• Advocate interdepartmental relations with the DHS to better assist the homeless

  • Fund our senior centers for our greatest generation

  • Provide access to estate planning services for everyone after retirement

  • Create inter-generational programs to promote learning and community

  • Call to scrap the MTA Queens Bus Redesign Plan that would negatively impact our community

  • Rebuild our infrastructure by paving roads,  rethinking traffic patterns in dense areas and 

  • Strategically move and replace bike lanes to safer locations

  • Fight for fair taxation in overtaxed Queens

  • Reduce property taxes for homeowners

  • Defend the rights of both co-operators and tenants

  • Reform NYCHA to improve utility services and replace aging infrastructure

  • Advocate for a path to resident ownership of units

  • Implement an open door policy so all constituents can freely access services

  • Task Community Liaison with weekly report on District business and issues

  • Ensure that every resident and their interests are represented in City Hall

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