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Thank You, Rory Lancman


The City Council seat I’m running for was recently vacated by Rory Lancman, who served our community for over a decade as Councilman and Assemblyman. Rory and I have known each other for many years. We first met when he first ran for State Senate. Since then, we’ve become neighbors, and we see each others’ families often. I admire Rory’s tenacity and I have great respect for his public service.


Rory’s leadership is a model for how I will act on the City Council and I strive to continue his legacy each and every day.


Rory Lancman authored several important pieces of legislation during his time in elected office that raised the minimum wage, fought discrimination, and protected victims of domestic abuse. Still, it’s what he did outside of his legislative duties that sticks with me the most.


If a constituent came into Rory’s office, he would do everything he could do to help, no matter the problem. He hosted community events to help those most in need and brought together people from across the district on his annual family day. This hands on leadership is a top priority for my time on City Council. I will have an open door policy so that I can stay connected to the day to day needs of my neighbors - just come into my office and we’ll figure out what I can do.


Councilman Lancman is a giant in our community and we wish him well as he embarks on his new journey with Governor Cuomo. Rory led by example. I look forward to taking my oath to serve our district, knowing that I won’t let him down.

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