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Why I'm Running

Not much has changed since I came to this district 4 decades ago - and that’s the problem. The Van Wyck is still under construction, we still send our kids out of borough for a prestigious education at Stuyvesant or Bronx Science, and our hospitals remain outdated. These, and similar situations keep piling up because our leaders don’t solve them. So, when crises like COVID come along, we also must deal with the issues of a decade ago when we deal with our kids' remote learning and our hospitals' capacities. I know I can do better for Queens residents.


I didn’t make it this far by doing things the old way. I did it my way: investing in new technology for healthcare and education. When elected, I will lead us to innovate our way through each issue we face. We’ll modernize public transit, so that all members of our district have access to not just more service, but better service. By working with both law enforcement and social services, we can alleviate the growing homeless crisis with long-term solutions. We’ll keep our streets safe and help those in need get back on their feet. With my Open Door Policy, I’ll make sure that every one of my constituents has a continuing voice in my decisions. I’ll make sure that every one of my constituents can easily access every service we offer. I’ll make sure I hear about problems when they arise, before they become crises.


We can build a better future together, whether you live in Fresh Meadows or Jamaica, Electchester or Kew Gardens Hills, Pomonok or Briarwood. We know that preserving the good, affordable neighborhoods that we grew up in - the ones we wanted to raise our kids in - doesn’t mean that we should let our leadership stagnate. It means taking action to protect our values by adapting to a changing world. It means that we must build this better future on the promise of a more fair and equal New York. I’m running because the old tools don’t work anymore, and I know how to use new ones. I’m ready to get started, are you?

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